Palatal Expanders

Snaplock Expander (NEOLab Standard)
Slimline Screw
Porter Arch
Memory Expander
This 8mm screw has built in Niti coil spring that allows for 5 turns equaling 1mm to be made at one time. After the 5 inital turns are made the appliance slowly exerts the expansion through the built in springs until the 1mm of expansion is met. At that point you would reactive the appliance in the same way to achieve another 1mm of expansion.
Spring Jet Expansion Appliance
This family of expansion appliances use light forces created by NiTi coil springs. Activated in the doctor's office, no patient compliance is necessary. Each time the patient returns to the office the doctor unlocks the sliding mechanism and compresses the coil spring again thus reactivating the appliance.
Quad Helix
This type of expansion appliance is made from .038 blue elgiloy wire and is commonly used from unilateral or bilateral expansion in mixed dentition cases. It's 4 helices make this appliance capable of applying forces in many different directions.
Super Screw Expander
A variation of the standard RPE screw, this type of screw uses a small wrench to active the appliance and has small notches on the housing of the screw to show how much expansion has been achieved. A small "locking nut" can be added to this screw to ensure that it will never back down.
Haas Expander
Arnold Expander
This expansion appliance is made with tubing and coil spring. Once inserted, the activation starts immediately. The spring pushes on the tubing on the opposite side resulting in transverse expansion and no turning is necessary. This appliance can be used on both upper and lower arches.
Expider Fixed Fan Expansion Appliance
This type of screw only allows for anterior expansion due to its hinge like design. Very commonly used for cleft palate expansion.

Removable Palatal Expanders

Transverse Removable Expander
This removable expansion option is used for bilateral crossbites and transverse expansion to help with anterior crowding. These expanders can be used on both the upper and lower arches.
Sagittal Appliances
3-Way Screw Appliance
This appliance is a removable expander that not only widens the arch but also helps to lengthen it as well. All of this is done by one screw that moves in three directions.
Removable Fan Expander
This type of expander is made with a hinge type expansion screw that is embedded in acrylic only, allowing the anterior segment to be expanded.