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RX Wizard

Q: How do I order supplies?

A: Need to replenish your RPE keys? In need of Herbst accessories? Fill out this form and state in your message what supplies you’re requesting. Please indicate whether you would like your supplies sent out ASAP (within 1-2 business days) or with your next batch of cases.

Q: How do I send a digital scan?

A: Initiate a one-time connection between our lab and your scanner for automatic file transfers. We accept scans from iTero, 3Shape/TRIOS, Carestream, 3M/Midmark, and Medit.

Don’t see your scanner listed? Export the .stl file(s) from your scanner then upload directly to your script in the RX Wizard.

Q: How do I check the status of a case in production?

A: Login to your RX Wizard account and find the patient’s case. You will be able to see when the case was created, when it was submitted to the lab, if it is in production, and when the case is complete!


Q: How do I create a template?

A: Login into your RX Wizard account and select “New Case” in the top right corner. Select “New Template” underneath your office name, and enter a name for your template, as well as a color. From here you can fill out the RX like a typical case you’d submit. Select ”save” in the bottom right hand corner to save your template. Not sure how to fill out the RX? Give us a call at (800) 922-6365 or contact us with this form.

Q: How can I get my forgotten username or password?

A: If you’ve forgotten your username, give us a call at (800) 922-6365 or fill out this form and we’ll be able to help.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll need to reset it. Click the Forgot Password link on the RX Wizard login page and enter the email address associated with your account.

Q: How do I set up a new account or user?

A: You can get in contact with us via email by using this form. In addition, you can call us at (800) 922-6365 to set up your new account/user and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be in touch ASAP!

How do I request a demo of the RXW?

A: You can request a demo using this form.

Q: How can I make a payment?

A: Give us a call at (800) 922-6365 to speak with our billing team and create your online Bill & Pay account! Through this portal you can view your invoices and statements, make a credit card or ACH payment, and even pay through checks.

Q: How do I reorder an appliance?

A: Does your patient need a backup appliance? Dog ate their retainer? Login into the RX Wizard and find your patient’s completed case on the case history page. On the right-hand side, select    the icon. Leave us a reorder comment and let us know why you need to reorder!

Q: How do I order a demo appliance?

A: Need a demo of your favorite appliances to show your patients? Order any appliance with “Demo Appliance” as the patient’s name. We can use our prepared demo models, or you can upload one of your patient’s scans for us to use.

Q: I submitted a script incorrectly. Can I edit it?

A: You cannot edit a script after completing it, but you may be able to delete it and start over. If we haven’t received/processed the script yet, a trash icon will be available to click on under the Actions column on your Script History page.

If we’ve already received and processed the script, just give us a call at (800) 922-6365 and a Customer Service Representative will take care of any changes.

Q: How do I get started on the RX Wizard?

A: To sign up for the RX Wizard, fill out this form.

Be sure to check out our Resources and Tutorials for extensive guides and videos that cover all of the RX Wizard’s numerous features.


Q: What file types do you accept for digital scans?

A: Our Lab uses and accepts .STL files, which is a standard format used to capture 3D data. All intraoral scanners produce or export to .STL format. If you have questions about whether we can accept a different file format, reach out to us!

Q: How do I export a scan from my scanner?

A: Find your scanner from the list of scanners we accept here, and follow the instructions listed.

Q: How do appliances differ in quality when fabricated from scanned impressions versus traditional impression?

A: Scanners generally produce impressions with higher accuracy, which makes for improved fit of appliances, decreased need to adjust & remake, and reduced chair time.

Q: How long do you keep my scan files?

A: We keep your scans on our server for 30 days. If within that time you need to reorder or change the original prescription, even though we still have the file, we require you to upload the file again to a new RX Wizard to avoid any miscommunication.

Q: Can I scan a patient with braces?

A: Yes, we can erase the brackets off the teeth. but this may affect the fit of the appliance.

Please make sure to remove arch wire in order for your scanner to capture bracket information more accurately and ensure a better fitting appliance. After your scan is complete, make sure to insert a passive arch wire back in the patient’s mouth. Any active movements in the wire after the scan will compromise the fit of the final appliance.

Shipping & Tracking

Q: How do I track a case once it is shipped?

A: Find your patient’s completed case in your case history. Hover over the UPS icon on the right side to display the tracking number. You can click on the tracking number, and it will bring you directly to UPS’ website to track your shipment.

Q: How do I print a UPS label?

A: Log into your RX Wizard account and find any completed case in your case history. Click on the completed case, and once it’s open click on the icon in the far right to generate a UPS label.

Q: When will I receive my case?

A: When selecting the due date on the RX Wizard, that is the day UPS is scheduled to deliver your appliance. UPS takes 1-2 days to deliver appliances depending on your UPS zone.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: The RX Wizard has a calendar that updates in real time and will display all possible return dates, starting with the earliest available. Any dates grayed out indicate that we have reached our maximum production load limits for that day and are unable to produce any other appliances. If you have a time sensitive case and need help securing an earlier date, call us at (800) 922-6365 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will discuss the possibility of rushing your case.

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