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Going Digital?

        Ready when you are.

Whether the word "digital" is terrifying or exciting to you, we offer easy-to-use, cost-effective options for everyone.

For orthodontic practices setup with an intraoral scanner, we accept files from all scanners. Otherwise, mail us your impressions and we'll take care of your digital study models. In any case, consider clearing some space by having us convert your archive of study models into a digital archive!

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Scripts Made Easy

with the Rx Wizard

Expedite your workflow with our free and intuitive online portal for orthodontists to create scripts with their standards and practice info already pre-populated.

Enjoy script automation, digital uploads for those with intraoral scanner files, an appliance gallery filled with solutions to help with your selections, and a user-friendly script management section which displays your sortable script history.

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Appliance Gallery

  packed with photos & info

Browse our large library of orthodontic appliances and appliance options, packed with detailed photos, descriptions, links, documents, and videos.

We know you don't have the time to consistently stay up on the latest advances in orthodontic appliances, so we're here to help. We're sure you'll stumble upon some solutions you didn't know were available!

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