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Get to Know the RX Wizard

Script Templates

One of the RxWizard's main features is the use of script templates. Create a template for each type of appliance you frequently get from the lab, and detail your appliance specifications one time only.

Here's an example of how the templates display after setting them up:

Create A Script Page
  1. Click on Create New Script Template to get started.

    Create New Script Template
  2. Choose from the template categories.

    Create New Template
  3. Choose a name and color for your template icon.

    Choose Name & Color
  4. Browse through the appliances and appliance options, and make your selections.

    1. When creating an actual patient's script, you can always edit the template's selections to fit that patient.
    2. Any color selections are currently embedded under Acrylic Options.
    3. Please note, if you want to add something that you cannot find, simply add it in the Special Instructions. An update to the RxWizard, including the appliance selection process, is projected to be out in early 2015.
    Selecting The Appliance
  5. Click Save, and your template will show up on the Create a Script page.

On the My Templates page, you can manage your templates - delete, create, rearrange, and view how many scripts have been created from that template.

My Templates Page

Creating A Script

For those rare cases that don't fit a template, you can go straight to creating a script from scratch:

Create A Script Page

However, the majority of the time you will create scripts by simply clicking on one of your templates:

Using A Template

Then proceed through to fill out the form:

  1. Offices - If you have multiple locations or departments, you will be able to select one from a dropdown.

  2. Due Date - the first due date available for you to select is the soonest you can receive the appliance back without a rush fee. It is based on your location and delivery method.

    Choose Office & Due Date
  3. Patient

    1. First & Last name required; Patient ID is only required for digital study models.
    2. If you have any, you can upload your patient photos here.
    Patient Information
  4. Appliance - This displays your template selections. Click Edit if you need to edit the template's selections to fit that patient.

    Select Appliance
  5. Impression - Make one selection to tell us whether this is a physical or digital impression (from intraoral scans). If digital - you have the option to upload scan files to the script itself, or to tell us where is the digital scan is located.

    Select Impression Type
  6. Click Continue to review your details. At this point, your script is saved as a draft (tip - some offices like to set up drafts of all the patients for the day, before they come in).

  7. Click Complete. You're all set!

    1. If you are sending in a physical impression or work model:
      1. Click the printer icon to print the script and include in the box.
      2. You also have the option to click the mailing label icon to generate a UPS label with a unique tracking ID, or a standard USPS mailing label if you prefer. (See shipping & pricing options) Print Your Script
      3. Once we receive your case in the lab, we will 'acknowledge' your script which will send you an email confirmation and a blue checkmark will appear in front of your script on your Script History page.
    2. If you are sending a digital impression:
      1. When we've acknowledged your script (typically within 2 business hours), you will receive an email confirmation and a blue checkmark will appear in front of your script on your Script History page.
      2. If this is your first time sending us a scan, please give us a call to make sure everything came through correctly.
    3. If you've made a mistake and need to start over, you have the ability to delete the script up until the point that we've acknowledged it. If you've made a mistake and it's already been acknowledged, just give us a call.