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Go Paperless & Expedite Your Workflow With the Rx Wizard

Rx Wizard

Never write another script again—just click your template & GO!

We want your interaction with us to be seamless. We've created an intuitive tool that makes it easy for you to tell us exactly what you need, while freeing up some of your valuable time.

The Rx Wizard is completely free! If you're interested in trying out a demo account or signing up, send us an email or give us a call at (800) 922-6365.

Script Automation

Set up your customized, color-coded templates and when you're ready to create a script, all your selections are pre-populated, along with your practice information. Simply choose a template and add patient name & due date.

Scanner Integration

Have an intraoral scanner? The RxWizard makes the perfect script companion.

Digital Uploads

Eliminate guesswork by uploading any necessary case pictures. Print your script to mail in with the case, or for practices equipped with an intraoral scanner, you have the option to upload your STL files and submit.

Appliance Gallery

While setting up your templates or creating a unique script from scratch, browse our large library of appliances and appliance options, packed with detailed photos & descriptions. We're sure you'll stumble upon some solutions you didn't know were available!

Script Management

View your script data in an easy-to-read table format, sortable by appliance type, dates, patients, and if applicable, doctors and offices. From there, it's a snap to generate a shipping label as well as track the receipt of appliances as they arrive in your office.

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