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How To Send A Case

Are you a DIGITAL or TRADITIONAL practice?

Practices using an intraoral scanner to take patient impressions need only to use the Rx Wizard to upload STL files & submit scripts. Practices using the traditional methods (or digital practices still in transition) can refer to the information below.

3 Ways to Send an Rx

  1. Online Rx Wizard

    For fast & easy scripts, login or sign up for a free Rx Wizard account where your scripts are customized and automated. Whether submitting scripts digitally (if you're uploading scanned impression) or printing scripts to ship traditionally, there are several ways to dynamically populate your case specifications.

    Learn more
  2. Print Blank Rx Forms

    Download and print blank prescription forms, posted here.

  3. Stock up on Rx Forms

    To have prescriptions shipped, faxed, or emailed to your office, submit your request online or call us at (800) 922-6365.

Lab Requirements

To ensure a smooth experience (getting your product instead of phone calls!), please do the following before sending your case:

  • Label properly each model/impression with a patients name
  • Be sure there is an accompanying prescription with each model/impression
  • Wrap individually each model/impression
  • Tightly secure each model/impression in the box, to avoid any unnecessary damage during shipping

Removable Appliances

Well-defined plaster/stone models and alginate impressions are acceptable for the fabrication of removable appliances.

We require maxillary and mandibular models and a bite registration be provided for cases that require habit breakers, posterior occlusal coverage, or when occlusal interference may be a concern to ensure the quality and functionality of our removable appliances.

Fixed Appliances

Well-defined plaster/stone models and alginate/compound impressions are acceptable for the fabrication of fixed appliances.

Fitted bands can be poured in the model at your office or sent in a separate bag to be placed.. We also provide an indirect banding service for an extra charge. For our pedi-partial appliances and habit breakers we require a model of the opposing arch to ensure the quality and functionality of our fixed appliances.


Accurate stone models without bubbles and alginate impressions are acceptable for the fabrication of our splint appliances. We ask that the bite registration represents a desired vertical opening with a minimum of 2 mm.

Study Models (Plaster or Digital)

Well-defined alginate impressions are acceptable for the fabrication of study models.

All alginate impressions should be wrapped in a paper towel lightly soaked in water and placed in our sealable impression bag (need some?). In order to prevent freezing over the winter months, soak the paper towel instead in an alcohol-based solution and personally hand the packages to your local mail carrier & avoid placing them in overnight storage boxes. Please do not place the prescription forms inside of the sealable impression bags, but instead place them in the outside pocket.

*Cases where plaster/stone models are intended to be used for the fabrication of study models will be charged a duplication fee.

Billing & Payment

Invoices are generated with every appliance and included with your completed case when sent to your office. A monthly statement is sent to your office at the beginning of each month summarizing the last month's invoices, payments and adjustments that have been made to your account over the last thirty days.

For payments, choose from three options:

  • Check: Mail your check and the top portion of your statement in the provided self-addressed envelope.
  • One-time Credit Card: Call us at (800) 922-6365 to process your VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  • Automatic: Call us at (800) 922-6365 to setup your account to be billed automatically every month.

If the charges against the account do not seem accurate please call for prompt and courteous resolution of any discrepancies. We ask that all payments are due upon receipt of the monthly statement. All overdue balances will incur a fee of 1.5% of the balance per month or 18% a year.

The NEOLab Guarantee

We know that accidents happen. Since we consider ourselves as an extension of your office and a partner of your practice our policy is fair and simple. If the broken appliance is a result of our manufacturing process, we will repair or remake the appliance at no charge - no questions asked. If the fracture is questionable, we will call to discuss further options but remain reasonable and sensitive to your needs. We ask that the original working models and appliance be returned for the possibility of full reimbursement.