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Digital Study Models

Digital Study Models

So simple & beneficial—the question is, why not?

Streamline your study model process with digital study models, rather than the traditional plaster ones. Nothing changes in how you submit your impressions, and the benefits to you are significant.

Save Thousands per Year

No upfront costs, upgrades, or commitments! The cost of a digital study model is less than half the cost of plaster model. The cost savings can be quite substantial.

Competitor Scan

Premium Precision

We're proud to provide our doctors with ultimate high-definition scans. Our state of the art technology and our relationship with one of the best orthodontic software companies in the industry, 3Shape, has set us apart from our competitors.

Free & Secure Backups

No need to worry about lost or broken plaster models! In the event that your files are lost, we keep backups stored indefinitely, at no additional charge. We use industry-leading secure servers, featuring fully HIPAA compliant encryption.

Free & Secure Backups
Faster Turnaround Time

Faster Turnaround Time

Our digital framework allows us to expedite both the creation and delivery of your digital study models. Rush cases can be executed in hours, not days.

Free, User-friendly Viewer

A quick download of the viewer software on any PC (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) is all that's needed for you to view your 3D study models, which you can manipulate with a simple click-n-drag, and also print any model view for reference.

Free, User-friendly Viewer

Digital Study Models Pricing

ROUGH finish
Rough finish
  • Digital scan of poured model
Standard finish
  • Digital scan of poured model
  • Base added
  • Small imperfections corrected
FULL A.B.O. finish
Full finish
  • Digital scan of poured model
  • Base added
  • All imperfections corrected and fully sculpted


A completed rough or standard digital model can always be upgraded to another finish for only $5.

Never stuck in the digital world

If the need arises, any patient file can be rendered into a physical model at any time utilizing our 3D printing technology.

The Digital Study Model Process

1. Create your script online

You will create your scripts from a Digital Study Model template using the Rx Wizard portal through our website. If you are not yet registered, send us an email using the contact form or give us a call at (800) 922-6365.

2. Send your impressions — just like always

After printing your script from the Rx Wizard, include it in the box with the impression. No need to send handwritten paper script.

3. 3D Scan

After we pour a model from the impression, we'll then use our market-leading 3D scanner by 3Shape to digitize the model, and prepare it for the final high-definition file.

4. Retrieve your model online

We'll notify you by email as soon as your digital-model file is ready for download in the Rx Wizard. Using the free, user-friendly 3D viewing software (OrthoViewer), you can view and manipulate your 3D models with a simple click-n-drag. (Learn more about this step in the video below)