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Digitally Archiving Study Models

Convert Your Records in Bulk: From Physical to Virtual Storage

Enjoy a more efficient study model archive by having us convert your existing plaster models into digital files. Feel free to take the 3D viewer software for a spin, and contact us with any questions!

  • Free up valuable space/save money on storage
  • No more broken or lost models
  • Easy & free software for 3D manipulation
  • Easy access to your files
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Peace of mind with free backups

The Handover

1. The Handover

If you're local, we'll come pick up all your models for free. If you're further away, ship them over to us—you choose whether you ship them all at once, or break it up over a number of months.

3D Scan

2. 3D Scan

We'll then scan your current plaster models one by one, to create precise 3D representations in a file for each one. This process typically takes about a few months, depending on the number of models.

Digital Access

3. Digital Access

We'll then send you a link to your files, for you to download (or we'll mail you a USB drive if you prefer). You can view and manipulate the 3D models with an easy click-n-drag using OrthoViewer—a free, user-friendly 3D viewing software.

Free & Secure Backups

Free & Secure Backups

No need to worry about lost or broken plaster models! In the event that your files are lost, we keep backups stored indefinitely, at no additional charge. We use industry-leading secure servers, featuring fully HIPAA compliant encryption.


Digital Archiving Pricing

Never stuck in the digital world

If the need arises, any patient file can be rendered into a physical model at any time utilizing our 3D printing technology.