This is NEOLab

The true origins of NEOLab began much before there was the building you see today, or even the name now so widely recognized.

In reality, the earliest origins of the laboratory that we know today date back to the early 1960’s, when the Boston School of Mechanical Dentistry enrolled a student by the name of Bill Saurman. During these formative years, Bill mastered the foundational mechanics of the dental technician trade, and cultivated a love for the dental industry.

After graduation in 1962, Bill continued on to pursue college in South Dakota. However, following graduation, Bill returned to his roots, both in New England and dental laboratory work. Throughout the 1970’s, Bill worked for Dr. Wilson, a local orthodontist with a national idea. Together, the pair used their deep technical knowledge to develop the family of Wilson Modular 3D Appliances, still widely used throughout orthodontics today. In addition to this work, Bill was responsible for hand-crafting the appliances for the practice, and the very beginnings of NEOLab came into view.

NEOLab is home to more than 120 employees to date, and regularly finds opportunities to add to the team.