The original master technician and responsible for the foundation of NEOLab, Bill is passionate about maintaining the human aspect and the art of knowledge in a world gone digital.
Bill Saurman
Intuitive and innovative, Christian's tenacious spirit and extensive technical & business background keep NEOLab running smoothly and at the forefront of the latest technological advances.
Christian Saurman
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Kronoff

Chief Information Officer

Erin Trodden

Operations Manager

Olivia Channon

Content Director

Sandra Nicastro

Chief Operating Officer

Sonia Carestio Touchette

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Albert Vargas

Digital/Technical Customer Service Representative

Audrey Hobby

Customer Service Representative

Cherin Townsend

Customer Service Representative

Corey Sullivan

Digital Importer

Crystal Young

Customer Service Representative

Dave Gordon


Kristina Barry

Digital Importer

Mikayla Webster

Digital Importer

Tatum Hobby

Technical Creative Media Coordinator

Brandon Sullivan

Laser Welding and Fixed Supervisor

Christine Poole

Grinding Supervisor

Eden Hok

Essix Supervisor

Kellie McHugh


Kevin Pineau

Fixed Prep Supervisor

Manny Rosario

Acrylic Supervisor

Nick Kyvelos

Removable Supervisor

Norma Beede

Customer Service Supervisor

Zachary Breeze

Digital Supervisor